I have studied art since I was in sixth grade.  I have had a combination of private tutoring,
public school art programs, and the Master's Art Institute in Ashland, Oregon.  I have also
been teaching myself through books and observation my whole life.
I am sixteen, and now mastering the technique of oil painting.  This medium has become a
favorite of mine for its expressive quality and ability to mimic the classical masters.  I spend
some time every day with a brush in my hand, seated at my easel.  I also enjoy pencil
drawings and especially portraits.  
If there is one thing that I care more about than art, it is helping people.  For my senior
project, I will be working with citizens of the community and, perhaps foreign countries who
are in need of financial help.  I will paint their portraits and give them a cash sitting fee for the
privilege.  I will then resell the portrait to reimburse this cost.  In this way, I will be helping the
people who lend the unique character of their faces to my canvas.  The selling of the
portraits will also allow art connoisseurs to hang a painting in their homes or offices that has
benefited the subject.  It will be a way of acquiring art and also helping the less fortunate.